nexum AG and The FatDUX Group establish strategic consulting and design partnership

24.09.2012 | Author: Eric Reiss

For months, we've been whispering about this behind closed doors! Now, we can finally share the news: The FatDUX Group has formed a strategic alliance with nexum AG, one of Germany’s leading digital agencies, to offer even stronger and broader expertise in the international user-experience marketplace.

Naturally, nexum AG has translated the official announcement into German and distributed it there and FatDUX HQ in Copenhagen has sent it to relevant Danish media so this big splash is heard far beyond the Duck Pond.

Friends, this isn't just the start of another week, it's the start of a whole new era for user experience in Europe and the Americas! Here's the official release:

Dateline: COLOGNE, GER. and COPENHAGEN, DEN. (24 September 2012) 

-- nexum AG, one of Germany’s foremost digital agencies, and The FatDUX Group, an international user-experience design firm headquartered in Denmark, have announced the formation of a strategic partnership. The combination of nexum AG’s large workforce with FatDUX’ multinational influence and operations makes the partnership one of the largest in the global user-experience sector.

nexum AG will open FatDUX Cologne to strengthen its position in the growing user-experience (UX) market and bring a greater degree of international experience to German clients. In turn, FatDUX will offer nexum’s extensive e-commerce, social media consulting, design and development services to clients throughout Europe and the Americas.

Dr. Michael Klinkers, CEO of nexum AG explains, “The partnership between nexum AG and FatDUX gives us the ability to effectively tackle even the largest, multinational projects and therefore will take us to a new level. When FatDUX’ methods and international talent pool are merged with our own staff and creative use of cutting-edge technologies, we can provide clients with the depth and breadth of experience needed to cut through the international clutter.”

“The use of experience design to differentiate products and services has become a key competitive factor,” said Eric Reiss, CEO, The FatDUX Group.“ The bottom line is this: we know how to make money for our clients. This partnership is the right fit at the right time and will significantly benefit all organisations operating in a crowded global marketplace.”

“FatDUX and nexum share the same understanding of user-experience as an increasingly decisive factor for the successful realization of corporate objectives”, adds Georg Kuehl, CEO of nexum AG. “When it comes to creating and implementing user-experience concepts we already play a leading role in the market. With joint forces, we will now further develop this topic internationally on a strategic level.”

FatDUX’ beginnings as a boutique agency in Denmark have given rise to a global organization whose clients have included eBay, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Nokia, Zappos, Rockwool, Switzerland Tourism, the Copenhagen Zoo, UCLA, the University of Washington, KB Home, TÜV Rheinland, Babcock & Wilcox Vølund, the United Nations’ International Labour Organisation, and many others.

nexum AG has extensive experience in digital brand management covering fields such as online marketing, e-commerce, websites, content management and social media. The consultancy and agency for digital media has carried out projects for: BMW, FIFA, Lufthansa, Vaillant, Coop, Sony, and dozens of other world-renowned brands.

# # #

About nexum AG
nexum AG is a consultancy and agency for digital media. We enable our clients to attain their business goals through optimal user experience and the creative use of cutting-edge technologies. Services provided by nexum AG include Consulting & Concept Design, Design, Development, Marketing Services, Consulting & Editorial Services and Project Management. nexum AG specializes in eBusiness, Online Marketing, Websites and Content Management.

nexum AG has offices in Cologne, Germany (headquarters) and Basel, Switzerland. The company employs more than 100 people and provides comprehensive, targeted services to meet the needs of both small- and medium-sized companies, as well as large corporations. Customers include BMW, Coop Schweiz, DIS AG, FIFA, Intersnack, Lufthansa WorldShop, METRO, Otto, Penny, Sony, Telefónica Germany, Thyssen-Krupp, and Vaillant

About The FatDUX Group
FatDUX was established in 2006 to bridge the gap between new and traditional media communications, coordinating brand experiences in order to increase both conversion and customer satisfaction. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, The FatDUX Group has offices and associates throughout Europe and the Americas. The company’s business model is built on experts worldwide sharing their highly specialized skills and best practices among all offices and clients thus bringing the best and the brightest talents to individual projects, no matter where these may originate.

The Lord Mayor of Cologne, Jürgen Roters (at right) welcomes Eric Reiss and FatDUX to his city while Dr. Michael Klinkers, CEO of nexum AG looks on. The Lord Mayor called the new partnership "a true win-win situation".

Download press release as PDF


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