Things should be appealing, but not on the expense of function. You could say that one the overall goals of our work is to increase the motivation use something and to make them easier to use, too.

Seven-stage development process
We use different tools for different tasks: "7A" is an evolutionary process in seven steps designed for online projects, which can also be used offline. There are many other models that follow the same principle - with more or fewer breakdowns depending on the level of detail. See if 7A is meaningful to you.

Our toolbox
To support our process and to make sure that everybody are on the same page in the understanding business goals and user motivation, we use a set of tools developed to help us discover and the define objectives; from the business model to the experience scope.

Keeping things simple
Our "Web Dogma" represents the heart of our design philosophy. These deceptively simple rules help ensure that your on-line solution gives your users the best possible experience. Can your site pass the Dogma Test?

Part of a larger team
Most of our clients already have an ad agency. Many even have a dedicated IT department. When you bring our dedicated expertise to the table, both advertising agencies and programmers can do what they do best. And you save time and money. After all, the most expensive solutions are always based on guesswork and gut feelings.

If you want to be the best, we'd be pleased to help. Get in touch with us >

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