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Office: +49 17632905325

Previous Positions

Sales & Marketing Director, Saneco Corporation Ltd., Shanghai, China
Project Business Analyst, AstraZeneca, Shanghai, China


Master in Digital Marketing (with honors), Instituto de Empresa, Madrid, Spain
BA, Fudan University, Shanghai, China

Other stuff

Speaking in tongues - so far only pentalingual, but still has plans...
Former captain of Fudan's foreign students basketball team (2 city championships, 1 MVP award)
Casual photographer -
Mountain aficionado


Selected testimonials from LinkedIn

"I've had the pleasure of working alongside Borislav over the previous year on numerous projects during our Digital Masters program at IE Business School. Not only is Borislav a well organized individual, he is a master of time management who is focused and capable of creating out of the box solutions. Borislav frequently brought new perspectives and unique ideas to the table based on his experience living in China and Bulgaria. His passion for usability and design accompanied by his ability to speak 5 languages surely makes him a unique professional and a leader who can break down barriers and make things happen."

Carlton Bennett Jr, Student at Instituto de Empresa, Spain, and Engineer/Technical Product Manager at  Verizon Wireless Inc., USA

"Borislav is hard working and self disciplined. Works very well in a team and has good management skills. He has a high level of computer and software knowledge, which helps him and his team to achieve exceptional performance. His sales skills are good although there is a room for improvement. Overall Borislav was an outstanding member of Saneco team and we were sorry to see him leave."

Todor Saslekov, Owner & Executive Director, Saneco Corporation Ltd., China

"Boris made valuable contribution to AstraZeneca's China strategy plan as an analyst."

Xudong Yin, President, AstraZeneca, China

"Bobby is a perfect peer; he always know how to motivate his team colleagues and in the not so good moments he is able to build a favorable environment around him. He has a lot of self confidence and really good skills at talking to people. He is a very committed person and I would expect from him any help I may need. Last but not least, he makes wonderful pictures!!!!"

Elena Ibnez, Student at Instituto de Empresa and Brand Director at Shackleton Buzz & Press, Madrid, Spain

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