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Office: +1 206 579 9732

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Chief Taxonomist - SchemaLogic

Taxonomist, Product Manager, IA, Consultant, Advisor, etc at multiple start-ups


Reed College, Portland Oregon

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With over 20 years of experience as a taxonomist, consultant, project manager, product manager, and information manager working for small to Fortune 100 companies, my priority is always helping organizations boost revenue, customer satisfaction and efficiency via well executed information and knowledge management initiatives.


I focus on defining the technical content strategy for major information and knowledge management projects and products spanning e-commerce sites, search, auto-categorization, SharePoint 2010, content management, governance and overall information infrastructure.  Experience has shown me over and over that information architecture is a direct reflection of an organization. As such, all of my work is focussed on helping organization design and implement their information infrastructure to best reflect who they are and support their users.

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