Walking the walk
Call it a “code of ethics,” “best business practices,” “policies and principles” – or whatever you like. What it all boils down to is one word – honesty.
What this means for our clients
You get a fair deal. We make a genuine effort to give you more than you expect to receive – and whenever possible, we try to bill you less than you expect to pay. We recognize that tight schedules are not always the result of bad planning and therefore try to accommodate your needs in every way possible. And our time sheets are open to inspection at any time.

But we expect to be treated fairly, too. Don't force us to work nights and weekends just to impress your boss. Don't pester us for discounts after we've agreed on the price and scope of a project. And if there's a problem, don't tell someone else – tell us directly.

What this means for our business partners
FatDUX is founded on the networking principle and we don’t have a huge employee handbook. To put it simply, we expect everyone we deal with to treat us with the same honesty and respect we show them. If not, we will terminate our relationship. And we have the memory of an elephant.

100% vendor neutral
We have close personal contacts with many software developers and hardware vendors. We sit on various Boards. And when we sell a software product, we may be entitled to a dealer discount. However, we remain 100% vendor neutral and unlike web houses, our business is not based on sales commissions from third-party software and services.
Any questions? Just ask us

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