Introducing the electric Jaguar – the new E-Type

30.01.2009 | Author: Eric Reiss
CEO of Cleantech Motors Jesper Boie Rasmussen and I have known each other for years. Not only do we like classic cars, but we’re both Jaguar freaks. I drove a Mark II for years; Jesper has a stunning MK IX.

After I somehow ripped the front bumper off my aging Sovereign, I ran into Jesper at the Jaguar dealership here in Copenhagen. He had just purchased a brand-new XF – Jaguar’s magnificent four-door replacement for the popular S-type.

Don’t worry if you don’t know all these silly naming codes from Jaguar – it’s taken me 20 years to figure them out. But here’s the point:

Jesper, a physicist by training and creative by nature, is well on his way to building Europe’s first luxury electric car. Not a hybrid, mind you, but a true 100% electric car. “I’d love to come by and show you what I’m up to,” said Jesper. An offer that was clearly not to be missed.

A couple of weeks ago, Jesper dropped by and invited us to participate in the project. Not only is it fascinating from an automotive standpoint, from a user-experience point of view, it is priceless – how to retain the thrill of driving a Jag that hums rather than growls when you put the pedal to the metal. Sounds are important. G-forces are important. Handling is important (batteries and electric motors change the weight distribution). And before we knew it, FatDUX Copenhagen was deep into the assignment - which we promptly named Project Green Light.

From left: Cleantech CEO Jesper Boie Rasmussen, FatDUX CEO Eric Reiss, and FatDUX Director of Business Development Kim Schultz admire the new XF. 

Yesterday, the car ran a test circuit of the innovative CO2 race that will be held in Copenhagen later this year. This was its last run before the diesel motor gets pulled. And logos from all of the partners in this project decorated the side of this “not your average NASCAR”.


The soon-to-be-electric Jag humbles the little yellow Fatmobile parked next to it. (Notice the FatDUX logo on the front wing of the Jag!

The plan now is to develop a working prototype ASAP. The Copenhagen Climate Council (with Sir Richard Branson and other luminaries) will be holding a World Business Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen in late May. And COP15, the United Nations Climate Change Conference – one of the most important environmental get-togethers of the year - will take place in Copenhagen this December.

We’re incredibly proud to be part of this project. Who says user experience is strictly for digital media?


Jesper Boie Rasmussen and the E-Jag