1. 10 июн 2014 –  Expansion is the name of the game these days - bigger offices, more affiliates, new clients. Stay tuned!
  2. 21 дек 2012 –  FatDUX Zagreb rebranding/rethinking of Iskon, part of Deutsche Telecom, helped the company win the coveted Vidi Award for “Best Corporate Website” out of 1200 entries.
  3. 03 янв 2012 –  FatDUX North America Inc. was officially registered in the U.S. State of Illinois. The company will spearhead our growth in North America, including the establishment of several new offices planned for 2012-13.
  4. 15 окт 2011 –  Maiken Kjærulff has joined FatDUX Copenhagen as an Information Architect. Maiken was trained as an Information Architect at Aalborg Universitet, and this will also be her work at FatDUX. So it was easy for her to hit the ground running and she's is already deep into the projects we're currently working with. We all look forward to work with her.
  5. 03 апр 2011 –  FatDUXlings Søren Muus, Eric Reiss, Andrea Resmini, Gregg Rugolo, Lynn Boyden, Jeff Parks, and Linda Packer will be presenting and networking at the 12th Annual IA Summit in Denver, Colorado.
  6. 20 мар 2011 –  FatDUX CEO Eric Reiss has been chosen as one of “10 European content strategists that make a difference”
  7. 18 мар 2011 –  FatDUX will be sponsoring four university students at the upcoming IA Summit in Denver, CO. FatDUX will also be sponsoring a student at UX Bulgaria in Sofia, and three students at the Content Strategy Forum in London, UK. We’ve now sponsored close to 100 students at conferences around the world.
  8. 30 сен 2010 –  Creative director Søren Muus is Guest lecturing at the university in Jönköping, giving a presentation on the definition of UX, and the practical work involving the FatDUX 7 A's web development process. 
  9. 23 сен 2010 –  FatDUXlings Andrea Resmini and Eric Reiss will be holding workshops at the Sixth Annual EuroIA Summit in Paris. FatDUX will also be sponsoring no fewer than FIVE student registrations to this event.
  10. 22 сен 2010 –  FatDUX CEO Eric Reiss will be addressing the UX Paris group at the fashionable La Cantine on Montmartre